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What are Keg Taps Called?

What are Keg Taps Called?

The simple answer is that Keg Taps are called Couplers or Keg Couplers, but to answer this question, it would be helpful to know the components of a kegerator or draft beer system, so you know the purpose of a keg coupler as well as some common misnomers.

Below is a diagram that shows the items of a draft beer system or kegerator.

I wrote an article about how a draft beer system work, which can be seen here.

To break down the components of a kegerator system, it would be helpful to know the cliffs notes version of how a kegerator works (below):

  1. CO2 is connected to a regulator and puts pressurized CO2 into the keg via a keg coupler
  2. The pressurized CO2 forces beer out of the keg also through the keg coupler
  3. Beer travels via beer line to the beer shank (which typically is either going through a wall or is inside a kegerator tower)
  4. Lastly, a beer faucet or beer tap (connected to a shank) is what dispenses the beer into the glass.


Common Misnomers

As seen above, a keg tap is called a keg coupler.  However, often times when a person asks me for a keg tap, they don’t just mean a keg coupler, they are referring to a picnic pump tap (seen here).

Additionally, a keg tap and beer tap are two different items.  Keg Taps refer to Keg Couplers and Beer Taps refer to beer faucets.  These terms are often used interchangeably.  Since I sell these products, it usually leads me to a follow up question to clarify which item they mean, a beer faucet or a keg coupler or a picnic party tap. 

At the end of the day, knowing the components of the draft beer systems, will help you narrow down what you are looking for and we hope this article helps. 

We carry all these components here at Keg & Brew Supplies (Shop Here).  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


-written by Ben Foley (owner)

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