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K&B Keezer/Kegerator Refrigerator Draft Beer System Conversion Kits (Size Variations)

Original price $204.99 - Original price $495.98
Original price
$204.99 - $495.98
Current price $450.00

K&B draft beer conversion kits are custom made to include everything you need to convert your fridge into a kegerator

3 Faucet Conversion Kit Includes:

    • 3x Faucets & Shanks (4-18" Length with 3/16"bore) made of Chrome Plated Brass which is food safe, corrosion resistant, durable, and will prevent metallic off flavors
    • 3x D-system Sanky Keg Couplers as well as 3 sets of Ball Lock Corny Homebrew Keg Liquid and Gas Line connectors with 5’ of 5/16” gas line & 6’ of 3/16” beer line for each
    • 2x Taprite T742HP Regulators as well as a 2-way CO2 distributor
    • K&B kits come with a complimentary shank wrench, regulator wrench, sanitary caps as well as a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Size: 3 Faucet

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