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K&B 4 Faucet Tap Stainless Steel Beer Tower

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It's time .... It's time to expand! This 4 faucet beer tower will put variety in the palm of your hand. Whether building a home bar setup, setting up your business, or adding more faucets to an existing system. This 4 faucet tower will allow you to dispense a variety of beers without a huge impact to your budget or counter space. Tower is made of Stainless Steel with a 3" base. Faucets are made of chrome plated brass to prevent added off flavors. This system is air cooled and comes with 5' hoses that are 3/16" diameter. Black plastic tap handles included.

  • Stainless Steel Tower with 3" base
  • Faucets made of chrome plated brass to prevent off flavors
  • Tower is Air Cooled and insulated
  • Hose is 3/16" and 5' in length
  • Comes with 4 Black Plastic Tap Handles
Color: Stainless Steel

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