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Taprite T742HP High Performance Dual Gauge CO2 Kegerator Regulator

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Taprite T-742 Dual Gauge Beer CO2 Regulator Details and Features

  • With this dual gauge CO2 regulator you get the same performance you've come to expect from Taprite
  • This Taprite dual regulator can be adjusted without tools thanks to a unique polycarbonate bonnet
  • Polycarbonate bonnet of this dual CO2 regulator will not chip, break, or fade over the life of the unit
  • Taprite regulators have a robust design that assures performance and reliability
  • Extremely durable and user-friendly polycarbonate bonnets make adjustments a snap
  • Easily adjustable pressure
  • CGA320 inlet
  • 5/16"barb shutoff w/check
  • 60lb gauge for output pressure
  • 2000lb gauge for checking how much CO2 is left in your tank

Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator: A Closer Look

The two gauges on this regulator will provide you with information on the amount of pressure being supplied to the beer dispensing system as well as how much CO2 remains in the cylinder.

Taprite regulators, including this particular dual CO2 regulator, are built and tested in accordance with UL Standard 252 for compressed gas regulators and UL 252A for compressed gas regulator accessories. In addition, all components and accessories of Taprite regulators are inspected by Taprite's Quality Department in accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-105E.

Other features of this Taprite dual gauge regulator include the following: a high CO2 volumetric flow that provides continuity in product dispensing, a polycarbonate bonnet that will not chip or fade, a 10 Micron filter built-in to keep contaminants out of the regulator, and a repair kit.

Taprite Regulators Undergo a Battery of Tests

All Taprite regulators, including the T-742 model Taprite dual gauge regulator, undergo a battery of stringent tests during the manufacturing phase to make sure that the product you are purchasing is of the best quality. These tests include safety activation and blow-off, leak testing, component testing, random sampling for workmanship and component checks, and engineering lab testing.

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